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What to take to the maternity ward

  • pass card for pregnant women

  • health insurance card (several photocopies of an EU insured person's card stating a country other than Slovakia - you will need them to  various examinations of you and your child)

  • ID card

  • marriage certificate

  • minutes of paternity determination for the unborn child with the consent of the parents (if you are not married and the partner recognizes paternity - you will arrange it at the registry office in the place of residence)

  • results of special examinations in pregnancy or in the past

Personal belongings:
  • nightgown (1-2 with front fastening, otherwise you get a hospital shirt)

  • bathrobe

  • Towel

  • soap

  • toothbrush and  pasta

  • ridge

  • slippers (or shower slippers)

  • socks (warm in winter)

  • looser panties (available in pharmacies and medical supplies for postpartum women)

  • maternity bra (2)

  • bra pads

  • nipple treatment ointment (they will advise you at the pharmacy)

  • drinks (non-carbonated mineral waters)

  • if you have more sensitive skin Your proven toilet paper, sanitary napkins and disposable absorbent bed pads

For a child:
  • disposable diapers

  • disposable wet wipes (for wiping the buttocks)

For the child on leaving the maternity hospital:
  • clothing according to the season

  • body, diapers, kestrel panties, cap, gloves, socks, slippers

  • in winter: fleece jacket, sweater, jacket, warm hat, warm blanket

  • car seat

To document the birth of a child:
  • camera. camcorder (mobile phone with camera)

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