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  • Pregnancy diagnosis and care for pregnant women

  • Search for high-risk pregnancies

  • Repeated abortions (cooperation with the outpatient department of reproductive immunology)

  • Ultrasound examination of the fetus (classic 2D ultrasound, at the patient's request 3D / 4D ultrasound directly in our outpatient clinic)

  • Provision of specialized examinations (special ultrasound examination, amniotic fluid collection, etc.)  

  • Preparation and examination before abortion

  • Preparation and examination before sterilization

  • Examination and treatment of infertility (sterility)

  • Preparing and sending a patient for in vitro fertilization to an infertility treatment center  

  • Genetic screening (including TRISOMY test )

  • Cervical cancer screening  

  • Diagnosis and treatment of discharge, inflammation, pelvic floor pain

  • Diagnosis and treatment of menstrual irregularities, bleeding  

  • Ultrasound examination with vaginal and abdominal (abdominal) probe

  • Preventive examinations of women (including oncocytological smear collection, at the patient's request also liquid based cytology), on high-risk patients collection of Ca 125 oncomarker

  • Treatment of endometriosis

  • Contraception - surgery of all types of contraception and subsequent monitoring of the patient, contraceptive guidelines (contraceptive pills - combined oral contraception, ring, contraceptive patches, intrauterine device)

  • Provision of X-ray and ultrasound examination of the breasts

  • Diagnosis and treatment of menopausal and postclimacterial disorders  

  • Hormone replacement therapy management

  • Spa treatment management

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