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gynekologicka ambulancia


Preventive examinations

Women from the age of 18 or from the first pregnancy once a year should go to the gynecologist (according to Act 577/2004 *). This basic preventive examination is focused on early diagnosis of oncological disease and includes basic gynecological examination, including palpation of the breast ultrasonographic examination of the small pelvis intravaginal or transrectal ultrasonographic examination of both breasts, including regional lymph nodes every 2 years

Women from the age of 40 are entitled to a preventive mammographic examination every two years. Similarly, women, regardless of age, in the case of a positive family diagnosis once a year or in the case of a pathological finding, individually as needed.

Preventive cytology is performed on women aged 23 to 64 years. The first two cytology samples at the annual interval. If these two cytological results are negative, continue at 3 - year intervals until the age of 64. This periodicity also applies to the insured person, who began her screening later than the age of 23. Screening will end at the age of 64 if the last 3 cytological findings are negative.

Tumor marker Ca 125 : in women with a proven BRCA 1 gene mutation once every 6 months from the age of 30 years in women with a positive family history of ovarian cancer once a year from the age of 35 years

A pregnant woman is entitled to one free examination once a month and one preventive examination six weeks after giving birth. The gynecologist will perform basic physical examinations (height, weight, blood pressure), general physical examinations, abdominal and pelvic examinations (uterine size determination, bone pelvis examination for symmetry and adequacy), cervical examination and, from the 6th week, examination of fetal echoes.


Good value for money is the most divisive   

Good health costs more than the greatest wealth.

Easy all, with choice, recta consilia aegrotis damus. 

When we are healthy, we are easily advised by the sick.

Valetudo maximus donum

Health  is the greatest gift

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