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NIFTY PRO® test  is a high-precision non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) that detects chromosome aneuploidies, including trisomies 21, 18, and  13, already in  10 weeks of pregnancy. The test can indicate risk significantly more strongly than traditional screening methods. A combination of capture rates (DR) greater than 99% * a  NIFTY PRO® test will provide a false positive rate of only 0.1% * for trisomies 21, 18 and 13  significant reduction in the number of women who would otherwise undergo unnecessary invasive diagnostic tests.

NIFTY PRO® test  (non-invasive fetal trisomy test) was the first non-invasive prenatal test to enter clinical practice in  At the end of 2017, more than 3.3 million NIFTY tests were processed worldwide.

NIFTY PRO® test  offers the following examinations:  


  • Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome)

  • Trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome)

  • Trisomy 13 (Patau's syndrome)

  • Trisomy 22

  • Trisomy 9

  • Trisomy 16

Sex chromosome aneuploidy

  • XXY Syndrome (Klinefelter's Syndrome)

  • Monosomy X (Turner syndrome)

  • XXX Syndrome (Triple-X)

  • Karyotype XYY

84 part-time and duplicating syndromes including:

  • 5p (Cri-du-Chat syndrome)

  • 1p36

  • 2q33.1

  • Prader-Willi / Angelman syndrome (15q11.2)

  • Jacobsen syndrome (11q23)

  • Di George syndrome (22q11.2 and 10p14-p13)

  • 16p12

  • Van der Woude syndrome (1q32.2)


  • Gender determinationMale / Female

The only type of NIPT on the market that offers testing for 84 deletion / duplication syndromes and  sex chromosome aneuploidy at no additional cost.  Demonstrated low rate of re-blood collection, only 2.8%; data based on more than 600  000 tests.

Custom sequencing method a  sequencing devices, different from most other NIPT providers, which allows us to have complete control of sequencing quality.

Maximum capacity and  coverage gives the NIFTY PRO® test  unbeatable price advantage in  compared to  other NIPT providers.

The most validated NPT method on the market for trisomy 21, p  a published study involving more than 147,000 women and  more than 3.3 million NIFTY PRO® tests  carried out so far around the world.

The first company to offer non - invasive prenatal testing in  clinical practice worldwide.

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