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You want to  approach parenthood responsibly  or you have another health problem that can be solved hormonal  contraception or hormone replacement therapy?  In this case, we recommend that you be tested by a set of tests that define the risk of a blood clot - the so-called thrombophilic state.



Thrombophilia, ie susceptibility  to a blood clot,  is conditioned by congenital  and the factors obtained. Once  Among the possible causes already known is hormonal contraception or hormone replacement therapy, which can  cause an increase in blood clotting in some women, especially with an increasing proportion of estrogen in the pill. This  the risk increases especially in connection  with obesity and excessive nicotine intake in heavy smokers.

Risk groups  are in particular:

  • heavy smokers over the age of 35,  who smoke 15 or more cigarettes a day,

  • women with high blood pressure who  have diabetes

  • patients with disorders of fat metabolism,

  • women with severe varicose veins  and vascular diseases,

  • patients who have to lie down for a long time,  for example, after surgery.



You don't belong  not even  to  one  from  these  risky  groups?  Despite of  tom  be  careful  in particular,  if  Similarly  medical  problems  tormented  Yours  mother  or sister. In case of circulatory problems, the risks associated with the use of hormonal contraception or hormone replacement therapy should be considered very carefully.



The onset of thrombosis has unclear symptoms, and it is often not easy to recognize a worsening condition.  Manifestations include pain in the legs, swelling  and accentuation of the veins, the limbs are painful as well  on touch. Sudden, unexplained respiratory distress, often associated with  panic, swelling of the hand with pain and paleness as well as abdominal pain. Thrombosis can also occur at any atypical site.


The package contains selected genetic tests in  combination with basic haemocoagulation tests. This will give you more confidence that the planned hormonal contraceptive or replacement therapy will be safe for you in terms of the risk of thrombosis. In addition to these parameters, you will also find basic liver parameters (AST, ALP, GMT) in the TROMBOtest package, which, if increased, would allow the planned estrogen-containing hormonal contraceptive to significantly worsen and disrupt liver metabolism.

  • Factor V (F5: 1691G> A - Leiden)

  • Factor II (Prothrombin) (F2: 20210G> A)

  • Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase  (MTHFR: 677C> T)

  • Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase  (MTHFR: 1298A> C) |

  • Blood count with differential

  • PT-ratio

  • APTT ratio

  • Fibrinogen

  • D-dimer

  • ALP

  • ALT

  • GMT

Who pays for the examination?

The examination is paid for by the patient in cash and is not reimbursed by the health insurance company.

A complete package of 12 laboratory tests is worth it  99 eur. 

We provide the examination in cooperation with the ALPHA MEDICAL laboratory

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