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LEVOSERT - patient profile

LEVOSERT -   intrauterine device with  content  levonorgestrel -  long-term reversible contraception in mature women.  Effective regardless of BMI (Body Mass Index)

  • He needs contraception for a longer period

  • He doesn't want to live in  fear that she may become pregnant unplanned

  • He wants contraception, which regular use does not have to think about

  • She has a heavy or prolonged period

  • He wants to relieve painful menstruation

  • For health reasons, he cannot take estrogens or seeks estrogen-free contraception

  • He realizes that even after the age of 40, he can get pregnant unplanned

  • It demands effective, safe and  a carefree contraceptive method that can also alleviate heavy menstrual bleeding

  • Effective 5 years -  Pe arlov Index 0.20.  

  • The effectiveness of Levosert has been validated in the largest clinical study with an intrauterine system conducted exclusively in the USA (N = 1751) ACCESS IUS (A Comprehensive Efficacy and Safty Study of an IUS). Data are currently available 5 years after the introduction of Levosert and the study continues.

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